Did you ever have those “weird” ones in school with you? I had plenty! Who are still weird. I was in an all-girls school. I swear there was a lesbian…. She used to hold hands with another chipmunk type girl, sit under the araliya tree and cry.. every morning. (No, really.. she did). Someone else saw them “canoodling” behind a stack of library books. (awww) Anyway, the crier is now married to a potential porn site developer and the chipmunk is probably heartbroken.

We also had a very “religious” species. She used to carve on our wooden desks that Jesus loved her. Fair enough. We received our O/L grades (in 2000… my god I feel ancient) and she ran around the netball court shouting “ Jesus is great…” We also had a potential weirdo who is now completely whack. She found a sugar daddy and the sugar daddy found someone else. Now she too is a whack job. Right now, she actually believes that Michael Jackson is a reincarnated sea turtle. (She thinks it is real and she actually believes it) – I do have a job, but most of my lunch break is spent stalking these people on facebook. ( I am nice.. really….. grin!)

The best one is our hooker by night! I mean, she is in a far away place and her pictures certainly say a thousand words.. ( sometimes it gets me speechless) She even changed her name after leaving Sri Lanka. Who in their right minds would change their name to “bebot”!??! I swear a play boy bunny magazine gone completely wrong would look like one of her albums. She has her standard micro mini type poses – so the nice one that I am – I comment. “wow, stunning.. wow.. could this get any better or I love your pvc outfit, so in style along with your leopard type almost topless top  ” She always takes it as a compliment….sarcasm clearly doesn’t work…

School was the best!