Day 2: A song you hate

I am not a fan of Bjork…. Something about her annoys me…




The 30 day song challenge : Day 1: Your favourite song

I have always loved this song, god knows why!

Fast and Loose !!

I wish they continued this !!

Shisha, Scrabble and Chinese…

Maybe it sounds a weird combo, but this is the life! (Mind you, I’m waiting to play my turn for the past 30 minutes…) Has anyone tried Suki’s Wok? It’s fantastic! Mr Suki has only take away options, but it’s so yum! Their devilled chicken makes you fart alot, but besides that everything else is sezual!

Aiyo… ordered from Suki’s and that poor fellow’s kadey has been broken by the road extending type people. What for the telling! (An empty bottle of wine is staring at me…. I’m not an alcoholic but it’s staring..)

I’m sat next to someone wearing a tshirt that says “I’m crabby” – Leave me alone. (This is my scrabble partner… I hope you feel sorry for me) She’s putting a dance to the tune of a hindi song (jingi jingy ching ching arey)… Sigh.



Home is where the heart is?

I think it has finally hit me I’m leaving … What is the answer when you have your heart in two places? aiyo…. I need to put a drink. Better yet, stalking my friend on facebook who “thinks” she’s in a relationship with someone who has no clue who she is probably wil make me feel better.

I saw some of her comments on this poor boy’s profile “baby, work your butt” ” Oh, my god, I need CPR when I look at you my internet lover”… Then, I take a bet with my housemate… as to how long that post will be visible on his wall… it’s gone down now to 20 minutes !!!I’ve lost £ 40 already… no more bets.

See… I’m already cheered up 😉

If Animals could talk….

England – same day, different cities

You would think that if it snows like mad in one part of England, somewhere 100 miles away, at least you would find gloomy skies and frost…..



The Midlands….










Same day – just a 100 odd miles away:

Snow? What Snow!