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Depressing game!

Thank you Wenger for giving the game away on a silver platter. WHO in their right mind subs Arshavin! On another note, Arshavin, go back to Russia you fat Meerkat. Wanker. What a way to end a good weekend.

The people we work with….

I started working at this new place …. It has been about two months now and I finally know the people I work with……

There’s a 20 year old who takes west side and east side both to another “gangsta” level. So she’s known as the Little Black Bora (of course, she loves her nick name). Whilst we use words like “Shut up” and “aney” she speaks of “weak sauce” and “bruv luv”. (word.)

Then we have Albus… No one knows to really pronounce her real name. So she’s Albus. She has a different set of language skills. Even tomatoes mean something else to her… What to do.

Another girl is just dim.. A flickering tube light… and a hairy dark man who scratches his ear quite often…. I have to be nice to him because he speaks all three languages and I kind of need his help when it comes to translating stuff… (I JUST saw him itching his ear again) He really needs to shave his facial hair off…

We have an old fellow who has been wearing a plaster around his neck for the past one month…. (Vampire bite?)

Of course the one who sits next to me is a typical homie… She is the carbon copy of Jehan’s Shit Sri Lankan Mothers say… She often says that I will “die” and asks me to “shut up”.

Day 5: A song that reminds you of someone

This will always remind me of Aless and our pre drinks song before going out !

Day 4: A song that makes you sad

Day 3: A song that makes you happy

It always does!

Day 2: A song you hate

I am not a fan of Bjork…. Something about her annoys me…



The 30 day song challenge : Day 1: Your favourite song

I have always loved this song, god knows why!