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Bookclub – always a good idea

One of our friends decided it would be a great idea if we started a little bookclub. (At least now I can say I do something besides drink – I read! Booya!) So we each chose a book…. I can’t seem to find this one anywhere in town. I tried Barefoot, Vijitha Yapa and something that used to be Bookland…… Does anyone know where I can get Norwegian Wood – Haruki Murakami. (Yes I know, amazon or ebay.. but I’m thinking of an actual bookstore!)


On a different note, I’m quite looking forward to this. We have “Holy Cow” – Sarah MacDonald, Matthew Gasteier’s “FUP” and Rushdie’s “The Moor’s last sigh” …. Should be good!


My taste in music is changing… *freaks out*

Not that I’m freaking out.. But everyone around me is…  Midlife crisis? I don’t know… I have started listening to bands I didn’t even know existed . My taste generally ranges from Fat Joe to Lil Wayne and back to Fat Joe. (Yes, my ring tone was Lean Back for MANY years… )

Ooooh and Matt Wertz is my new feel good song type person…

Everything\’s Right – Matt Wertz

Shisha, Scrabble and Chinese…

Maybe it sounds a weird combo, but this is the life! (Mind you, I’m waiting to play my turn for the past 30 minutes…) Has anyone tried Suki’s Wok? It’s fantastic! Mr Suki has only take away options, but it’s so yum! Their devilled chicken makes you fart alot, but besides that everything else is sezual!

Aiyo… ordered from Suki’s and that poor fellow’s kadey has been broken by the road extending type people. What for the telling! (An empty bottle of wine is staring at me…. I’m not an alcoholic but it’s staring..)

I’m sat next to someone wearing a tshirt that says “I’m crabby” – Leave me alone. (This is my scrabble partner… I hope you feel sorry for me) She’s putting a dance to the tune of a hindi song (jingi jingy ching ching arey)… Sigh.



Home is where the heart is?

I think it has finally hit me I’m leaving … What is the answer when you have your heart in two places? aiyo…. I need to put a drink. Better yet, stalking my friend on facebook who “thinks” she’s in a relationship with someone who has no clue who she is probably wil make me feel better.

I saw some of her comments on this poor boy’s profile “baby, work your butt” ” Oh, my god, I need CPR when I look at you my internet lover”… Then, I take a bet with my housemate… as to how long that post will be visible on his wall… it’s gone down now to 20 minutes !!!I’ve lost £ 40 already… no more bets.

See… I’m already cheered up 😉

Why work is never boring

Yaka and Cleopatra keep me entertained: This is just a random chat on a normal workday when the three of us are “supposedly” busy:

Hangover Girl:

I hope a giant crab bites your toe…… I couldn’t help that.. it just came out…. Why are you craving crabs? You have strange cravings at odd times. Is there something you are not telling us?


I’m getting crab curry that first week I’m back. Will eat like there’s no tomorrow. Wear trousers with an elastic waist band ok


I will feed you both snails….. fried… speaking of fried.. I was thinking of our earlier conversation with the guy who fancied Cleopatra with one boley… with kondey.. I have a sexy Bond night this weekend.


Bond night? Cool no. What’s everyone going as? What are you going as? Have you found a bond Anne summers outfit yet


black dress with slit upto my boobs… ( that’s the only way to go ) and im thinking instead of a gun to carry a brrr brrrr ( I cant tell in case these emails are horeng seen) let me explain in sinhala… instead of a gun, brr brr as in kolla haven’t kella settles for brrr brrrr from kadey… battery included. Imagine… I can wave it around and switch it on to fast mode.. BRRRRRRRRR BRRRRRRRRRR scary…..


I swear that last email is the reason I’m friends with you!! Brr brr! I don’t think you had to know sinhese to understand that reference.You MUST take one with you and wear it on a gun holster. You will be my hero if you do.

Yaka (after hibernation)

HAHAHAHA. i feel like i should frame this conversation.mad only. i told no Hangover girl should go as pussy galore and instead of that pathetic pen knife you should take the brr brr. and i will also buy you a shot (at a cheap place ah) if you do. yesssss crab curry. i will wear a maternity frock and come for lunch ah.

Halloween on Crown Street

So we had variety. There was a foxy Cleopatra, a few witches, a slutty nurse (because we all need someone with a medical background to save a drunken day), toga boys (Swoons a little) a Michael Jackson who popped out of his grave just for the night and a pimp daddy gone wrong. Although I did not understand the concept of his “costume”. Our pimp daddy is usually clad in “bling”, a shirt showing off his imaginary muscles (more like gummy bears) and unkempt hair. Instead he chooses bigger “bling”, powdered unkempt hair and a shirt with stains of blood (still showing off his imaginary muscles. (fat…we call it fat) and calls himself the “pimp”. Nonetheless it was a good night.

We had three witches randomly crashing our party ( all with good intentions of course) and glad we decided to let them in as it turns out they are brilliant at off key karaoke. (You should have heard us sing…. John Travolta and the rest of the Grease cast would have been speechless – not in a good way). Michael Jackson insisted on moon walking (Our slippery floor just made it too easy) and toga boys almost stripped… (Why not go all the way? Pansies)

Foxy Cleopatra went upstairs for a snooze (with a bowl to hurl just in case) – which came in handy…. eventually. The slutty nurse had a little too much vodka and eventually passed out. She should have taken hangover girl’s advice “to prevent hangover, stay drunk”. Happy Halloween!