I get a coach… Not cool.. Especially if the seat next to you is occupied by a large chav type man… I swear this is the only time I am all evil…. Last time I was on a coach, there was plenty of space but the above mentioned sat himself next to me. (I had no intentions of sitting through a three hour coach trip with a Miniature Yokozuna.. At least Yokozuna was famous). When one of my friend’s phoned me up I whispered (Of course I knew Mini Yoko was listening) to her saying “Aiyo, there is a fat man next to me men…” He glared at me, got up and switched seats… (I have a halo that occasionally glows… most of the time the horns protrude).


Some don’t take a subtle hint….for those type of people, I usually start coughing like a dying TB patient… (Proper clearing throat and everything) they look worried, stare at me ( I know they are thinking “contagious contagious”) they get up, and switch seats…

Sounds evil – works like a charm. Bright side – travelling in comfort – for cheap. (Based on this post and my doings – I think I’ll end up in hell… at least I can chill with satan and put a good shot of arrack).